Międzynarodowy Dzień Jazzu, 30 kwietnia

Przypominamy, że UNESCO w 2011 roku ogłosiło 30 kwietnia Międzynarodowym Dniem Jazzu. Prosimy o przesyłanie na nasz adres informacji o wydarzeniach jazzowych, które tego dnia odbędą się w Polsce. Poniżej załączamy list sekretarza generalnego Międzynarodowej Rady Muzycznej pani Silji Fischer dotyczący imprez jazzowych na świecie.

IMC NewsFlash – a special service to IMC members

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dear IMC member,

In 2011, UNESCO designated the 30th of April as the International Jazz Day which brings together nations and communities to celebrate the art of jazz and highlights its important role in encouraging dialogue among cultures and civilizations, eradicating discrimination and promoting human dignity.The IMC Secretariat was very pleased to learn about the numerous events staged locally by IMC members in many countries during the past years; this information was of course shared with UNESCO. 
To build on this achievement and broaden the geographical scope, diversity and impact of the third edition in 2014, UNESCO is mobilizing once again all its partners and networks, including NGOs. In this context, the International Music Council was asked to participate again in the worldwide celebrations through its network of over 1000 organisations in 150 countries.Your network can play an important role in these celebrations, by organising events in line with your specific interests, focus and resources. Examples and suggestions can be found online. In order to organise these activities, do not hesitate to use all the means at your disposal: radio and television, concert societies, record companies, amateur societies. A great many different types of localities could be used to their best advantage: concert halls, theatres, cultural centers, universities, churches, schools, factories, as well as open air facilities in parks, gardens, and stadiums. We also recommend that you mobilize and involve local authorities (municipalities, cities, regions, etc.). We strongly encourage you to cooperate with educational institutions in your country, such as schools, music schools and universities, to develop a programme involving public and private partners, as well as institutions at the national level (especially youth associations and networks). It is important that when designing your activities, you connect with the National Commission for UNESCO Commission in the country where the activity takes place, since the Commission has also been directly invited by the Director General of UNESCO to stage celebrations at national and local level.Last but not least, we urge you to design projects that encourage youth participation. This year’s celebrations will give schools a real opportunity to participate through the Take 5 initiative. Inspired by the famous 1959 hit Take 5, composed by Paul Desmond and made famous by Dave Brubeck, teachers from all around the world are encouraged to “Take 5” (five minutes) to share the positive lessons of jazz music in their classrooms. Please do refer to the official website for ideas and suggestions on how to participate.Moreover, a global concert will be held in the host city of Osaka (Japan), and streamed live on Jazz Day. The line-up consists of artists such as Herbie Hancock, Oumou Sangaré, Marcus Miller, DeeDee Bridgewater and Gregory Porter (to name a few).

All events will be published online and you can also register yours!  

We are grateful in advance for your involvement in the third edition of the International Jazz Day which we are sure will contribute to raise awareness in the international community about the values of jazz as an educational tool and force for unity, dialogue and enhanced cooperation.

With kind regards,

Silja Fischer

Secretary General


Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time.” Ornette Coleman    


EMC Forum on Music, Berno, 19-22 czerwca, 2014


W dniach od 19 do 22 czerwca w Bernie w Szwajcarii odbędzie się kolejna edycja European Forum on Music. Poprzednie miały miejsce w Glasgow (2013) oraz Istambule (2012). Poniżej załączamy informację otrzymaną od Europejskiej Rady Muzycznej, która jest głównym organizatorem Forum wspólnie ze Szwajcarską Radą Muzyczną i Yehudi Menuhin Forum Bern. Na zakończenie Forum przewidziane jest  doroczne spotkanie Europejskiej Rady Muzycznej i wybory do jej zarządu.

4th European Forum on Music in Bern, Switzerland 
The 4th edition of the EMC’s annual conference, the European Forum on Music, will take place in Bern, Switzerland on 19 – 22 June 2013. The Forum will focus on „Music and Politics: a shared responsibility”. 
Music contributes significantly to the political and social development of a peaceful and integrative Europe. In times where faith in the European project amongst the continent’s citizens is wavering as a result of failing currencies, austerity measures and rising unemployment, music and culture can play a pivotal role in restoring trust and enthusiasm for Europe, and nurturing social cohesion throughout. 
On the other hand political, institutions at local, national and European level must provide the necessary frameworks for the full potential of music for a diverse and cohesive Europe to be reached. The slogan ‘unity in diversity’ is claimed by both the European Union and Switzerland to identify themselves. But what does this diversity look like? What are its challenges? And how is this diversity reflected in society? Inspired by the host country, the Forum will ask: What can Europe learn from Switzerland the so-called ‘nation of will’, a confederation in which the different communities strive for a united Switzerland by respecting the diversity of its society. 
Together with its local partners, the Swiss Music Council and the Yehudi Menuhin Forum Bern, the European Music Council looks forward to welcoming you in Bern at an inspiring Forum full of dialogue, opportunities for networking and exchange, and not forgetting of course, music!


Nowy Zarząd PRM

Na Walnym Zebraniu, w dniu 21. listopada 2012 roku, został wybrany Zarząd Polskiej Rady Muzycznej w składzie: Krzysztof Knittel, prezes, Viola Łabanow, Anna Markowska, Adrianna Poniecka-Piekutowska, Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa, Grzegorz Michalski, Artur Szklener.

Na pierwszym zebraniu w dniu 27. listopada zarząd wybrał na wiceprezesa Joannę Wnuk-Nazarową, a na sekretarza zarządu Violę Łabanow.
Będziemy starali się przekazywać Państwu najważniejsze informacje o sprawach, które staną się przedmiotem obrad i decyzji zarządu. Jednocześnie zachęcamy Państwa do kontaktowania się z nami. Zgodnie bowiem z Porozumieniem
o powołaniu Polskiej Rady Muzycznej (§ 3.) Sygnatariusze Porozumienia zobowiązują się:
– wspierać działania Rady przy użyciu dostępnych środków;
– informować Radę o podejmowanych przez siebie inicjatywach, służących celom Rady.