Polish Music Council [eng.]

Prompted by our care for the future of Polish music, and aiming to raise the profile of those values which are preserved in culture, the undersigned representatives of music associations, institutions and organizations operating in Poland, agree to establish a forum called The Polish Music Council to operate for the purposes of harmonizing, coordinating and jointly undertaking various activities that may further the best interests of Polish music culture.
The Polish Music Council represents Polish music circles and, by the mandate of each of its members, is entitled to act on behalf of its members. It is established to develop evaluations, programs and recommendations for methods of action to reach goals which are beneficial to the nation’s culture.
Made on the initiative of the Polish Composers’ Union, this Memorandum of Understanding forms a link with the long tradition of the Polish Music Council.

The Polish Music Council shall have the following aims:
– development of music writing, performance, teaching, popularization, organization and documentation of musical life, preservation of past musical heritage;
– making announcements on behalf of its members before the relevant authorities and the public in all issues of vital importance for the Polish musical life;
– issuing opinions, making evaluations and preparing expert studies regarding the fundamental problems of musical life in Poland;
– preparing programs to promote Polish music;
– suggesting and commissioning scholarly studies;
– representing Polish music circles on the international forum (including the International Music Council);
– supporting and coordinating those activities of institutions, organizations, groups and persons in Poland and abroad which are concurrent with the aims of the Council.

The Polish Music Council shall be managed by a Board of Directors, to be appointed by the Meeting of Signatories. The term of each Board shall be two years.
In order to implement the statute aims of the Council and to assist the Board of Directors in its activities, the Signatories of this Memorandum of Understanding establish the Polish Music Council Foundation.
The Council shall implement its tasks directly or through the Music Council Foundation and through the Signatories, using all the organizational, legal and financial resources made available to the Council.

Members of the Polish Music Council:

• Kazimierz Kord – honorary Member

• Association of Polish Musicians (SPAM)
•”Concert Spirituel” Foundation
•”De Musica” Society
• Elbląg Chamber Orchestra
• Foundation „Music is for Everyone”, Warsaw
• Jeunesses Musicales Poland
•”Listen” Foundation
• National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra of Katowice
• New Chamber Orchestra Foundation
• Polish Composers’ Union (ZKP)
• Polish Jazz Society (PSJ)
• Polish National Opera, Warsaw
• Polish Radio, Programme 2
• Polish Society for Contemporary Music (Polish Section of ISCM)
• Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music
• Polish Society of Authors and Composers (ZAiKS)
• Polish Society of Choirs and Orchestras
• PWM Edition (Music Publishing House)
• Society of Polish Philharmonics
• Society of Polish Pop Musician (STOMUR)
• The Academy of Music in Krakow
• The Fryderyk Chopin Institute (NIFC)
• The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw
• The Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music
• The Witold Lutosławski Society, Warsaw
• The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Pomeranian Philharmonic, Bydgoszcz
• Union of Performing Artists STOART
• Warsaw Chamber Opera
• Warsaw Philharmonic, The National Orchestra and Choir of Poland

Director of Polish Music Council Foundation:
Joanna Grotkowska

Board of Foundation:
Frederic Chopin University of Music
Polish Composers’ Union (ZKP)
Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz
Polish National Opera

c/o The Fryderyk Chopin Institute
ul. Tamka 43
00-355 Warszawa
phone: (+48) 508 33 77 60

NIP: 5262759556
Regon: 015529097


Bank account:
PKO BP S.A. 45102010970000760200861120